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Bars & Restaurants

  Charleston Cocktail is excited to add your niche Charleston area restaurant, bar, or nightlife establishment, to our growing guide of establishments!  We have several packages outfitted to one-up competitors, fit comfortably into an advertising budget, and provide the web visibility your looking for!

  Also, for a more customized approach, we can mix and match package features to your liking!  We're not satisfied, until your 100%  satisfied!

Banners & Skyscrapers

  If your company is local to Charleston, or in the hospitality industry?  We recommend advertising your company through a series of targeted banner and skyscraper ad placement campaigns online! 

  Choose from several sizes, shapes, prices, and webpage locations!  We have packages for ALL ad budgets and ad strategies!

Events & Festivals

  Do you have a Charleston, SC event, festival, or holiday happening, and need to get the word out?  We will reach your targeted demographic!

  We give your organization the ability to; promote your event online, pre-sell tickets, implement YouTube video, add contact information, provide detailed descriptions, add driving directions/maps, and provide visibility! 

  We will get Charleston event, festival, or holiday "happening" recognized online! Find out more on our event advertising options! 

Advertising Bio

  Every month Charlestoncocktail.com reach tens of thousands of people looking for places to drink, dine and spend their hard earned cash.  Our advertising packages and campaigns can showcase your establishment, event or company, to approximately 1,000 new faces each day! 

  No other form of SEO and internet marketing service in Charleston, can reach so many people looking specifically for restaurants, bars, nightlife, events, and entertainment in Charleston, SC!  Targeted traffic is key!

  Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and innovative online marketing strategies, we provide our clients with unparalleled customized marketing  and advertising solutions for increasing the traffic and awareness for their restaurant, bar, or event!  We provide our consumers with the most current and accurate; information, photos, menus, special events and festivals in Charleston, SC!

  Charlestoncocktail.com reaches such a large audience through search engine optimization and marketing, search engine advertising, print advertising and other forms of local promotions...

"Our One and Only Focus is Our Passion"
Charleston's Restaurants & Bars!

  We focus all of our marketing efforts on reaching a huge target audience of both residents and those visiting, or vacationing, in the Charleston area!  We believe in presenting them with more information and features, so they make accurate decisions and.  In a real-time environment!

  Bar, Restaurant, and Nightlife advertisers are presented with their own dedicated webpages (we like to call it a mini-site)!  Packages include; contact information, writings and descriptions, maps and directions, high-res photography and video, menus, and weekly "line-ups".  All checked on once a week!

  We also offer; flyer and logo design, professional digital photography and video, flyer creation, web optimization, website design, and other advanced web development servicese!  If you need it all, we're here to help out so that you can get back to what you do best! And that's running your Charleston bar, restaurant, or nightlife establishment!

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  Feel free to contact us anytime!  We're here to discuss which advertising options work best for your prized bar, restaurant, or nightclub!  We can, together with you, accurately decipher what works best! 

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