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What will your Charleston area bar, restaurant or nightclub receive by advertising online with us?

You Charleston restaurant, bar, or nightclub will have it's own "mini-site", which is to be linked from Charlestoncocktail.com's most visible and prestigious webpages!

Here are the following webpages that are included with our Linen package!  These are inter-linked with crisp clear navigation throughout, making it easy for your targeted audience! 

Also, we have several additional packages catering to Charleston, SC area restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments.  Choose from our Butcher Paper, To-Go, or Ala Carte packages!



This is the MAIN, or HOME webpage for your bar or restaurant.  It highlights your establishment's outstanding features, theme, and decor!  Written by you, or by us, whichever you prefer!  Before it goes live, we do a strategic "search engine" final edit, ultimately ok'd by you! 

Included in the description of your establishment are; food, décor, mission statement, niche, atmosphere, ambiance, etc.  Professional digital photography accompanies your establishment's MAIN webpage's description. 

Also, included on your establishment's MAIN webpage are navigational links, inter-linking to the rest of your webpages.   Here they are below:

Private Parties | Reservations | Gift Certificate | Map
Cocktails & Martinis | Weekly Events | Menu | Beer & Wine

"Private Parties and Group Bookings"
contact form/webpage

Have room for a wedding reception, bachelor party, bachelorette party, holiday party, or just a fun get-together?  You will receive "Private Party Inquiries" via email. Once a Private Party "Contact Form" has been filled out by an individual with an inquiry, it is sent to your establishment's pre-arranged contact (up to two (2)) email address (s).


contact form/webpage

Once a Reservation Request contact form has been filled out by an individual looking to dine or reserve space, it is sent to your bar or restaurant's pre-determined (up to two(2)) contact email address.

"Beer and Wine List"

An up-to-date wine list...not last seasons!  Who wants to see that!  Charlestoncocktail.com contacts your restaurant or bar, once a week, to check for additions, changes, or edits to your establishment's current Wine List webpage.


"Cocktail and Martini List"

An up-to-date cocktail and/or martini List...not last seasons.  Charlestoncocktail.com contacts your establishment personally, once a week, to check on changes, edits, or additions to your establishment's current Cocktail & Martini List webpage.


"Weekly Events"

Have wine tastings, food specials, live music, special dinners, or re-occurring events, weekly? A staff member from Charlestoncocktail.com contacts your restaurant or bar, once a week, to check for any edits, changes, or additions to to your establishment's current Weekly Events webpage.



An up-to-date menu, not last seasons! A staff member from Charlestoncocktail.com contacts you personally once a week to check for any any edits, changes, or additions to your establishment's current Menu webpage.



Directions to your restaurant, bar, or nightclub.  Includes driving directions from the interested web viewer's location.  We prefer to use Google Maps. We can also use Bing or Yahoo, if you prefer. Your establishments Map link takes visitors to your restaurants Map listing, on a new page, and leaves your establishments "min-site" still open, after they find out how to get there.

"Press and Reviews"

Write ups and customer reviews will be listed here.  These are highly effective for well-established bars;' restaurants and nightclubs.  And, it is equally effective for newer Charleston area establishment's that have already gained local and national, or international, press!


Contact Us

  While your specialty is operating your Charleston restaurant, bar or nightlife establishment, ours is getting your establishment seen!  Please contact us for clarification, more information, prices, or questions! Or, feel free to call us anytime!  (843) 580-6092.