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Dive Bars in the Charleston, SC Area

  Feel like Bumming it?  Let your inhibitions go and have a blast!  Eat greasy tasty bar food and have a tall cold PBR!  These dives in Charleston are popular with the F& B (food and beverage) crowd, after work.  Picture this...So you just got your ass-handed-to-you at work!  Go have a cold beer, eat some greasy grub, and knock down a shot of grandma (Charlestonians love their Grand Manier)!  Let your hair down and have a few cocktails, folks!  Here are the places you can...with no frills whatsoever!

Dive Bar Directory

Charleston Area
 Big John's F&B/Music/Pub grub

 Salty Mike's
 17 Lockwood Dr.
 Charleston, SC 29401
 (843) 937-0208
 Mt. Pleasant Area
 more dive bars to come...
North Charleston Area
 more dive bars to come...

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Dives in Charleston, SC