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 Bigbee Memorial Show 2006
  July 16, 2006

  Jam for a cause. Proceeds from the Chuck Bigbee memorial show benefit the American Heart and American Stroke Associations. 
  Chuck's brother will join the jam, guitarist Everette Bigbee, with his current rock/blues project. Big J. Hosaphat, with southern rock band Graham Whorley will rock it out.  Also, "Nature Boy Nik" Flair, the Jeannie Wiggins Band, and Paul Jameson will help to raise money and awareness during this event in Charleston, SC.

    This Charleston event will be held at Big Deck Daddy's in North Chuck.  Bands start at 3pm and will rock into the night.

Bar hop before and after the show and support the local North Charleston restaurants and bars.

Bigbee Memorial Show 2006
Celie Dailey
Big Deck Daddy's
6893 Rivers Avenue