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 Blue Dogs at Dock Street Theatre
August 4

  On tour to announce the March 2006 release of their new "Live at Workplay" CD, the Blue Dogs continue their never–ending quest to reach out and touch people with their unique blend of country, roots, bluegrass and Americana music.

The band returns to downtown Charleston, SC and the historic Dock Street Theatre on August 4, 2006, at 8:00 pm for an annual homecoming concert. Tickets are $20.

  The show will feature a mix of songs from their newer recordings (like Halos and Good Buys (2004) and Letters from Round O (1999) as well as their latest live offering) but will also be a special return to the original Blue Dogs sound.  The band is bringing back Phillip Lammonds, a primary member of the band from 1990-1996, to perform during the entire show.

  Other guests include more recent band members, guitarist Sadler Vaden of the band Leslie and mandolinist Daren Shumaker, among others. The "Blue Dogs" lineup includes founding members Bobby Houck (acoustic guitar, harmonica and lead vocals) and Hank Futch (upright electric bass, acoustic guitar and vocals), and original drummer Greg Walker (drums and percussion).

  Lammonds is a multi-instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica) and vocalist who has played a major role in writing or co-writing many of the Blue Dogs songs during and after his time in the band. Since his departure 10 years ago, the Georgetown SC resident has also spent a great deal of time in Nashville, collaborating with such lauded songwriters as Shawn Camp, Paul Craft, and Phillip White. Lammonds performed on the Blue Dogs’ first four cd’s, including Music for Dog People (1991), Soul Dogfood (1993), their first recording of original songs, Blue Dogs (1996), and he especially shines on their popular first live cd, recorded in August of 1995 at the Dock Street venue.

  "Live at Workplay"" was released on March 2, 2006, by Black River Records. Produced by Doug Derryberry, the album was recorded live on one evening in January 2005 at the Birmingham Alabama concert venue. “The road-seasoned band effectively straddles the line between loose rock swagger and radio-friendly hooks,” said Billboard Magazine in its review. Charleston’s Post and Courier says that “the brand new (record) almost unseats 'Live at the Dock Street Theatre' as the band's best live effort ...It is a pretty darn generous gift from a band that has to be seen to truly be appreciated."

  The record has been featured prominently on XM Radio, and since March has consistently climbed the top 40 chart of Channel 12, which is called “Cross Country” and features many independent country-rock and roots artists along with well-known acts in the genre. In the third week of July 2006, "Live at Workplay" reached the #1 spot, just above new releases by Bruce Springsteen, Mark Knopfler, and Johnny Cash.

  The band was founded in the early ’90s by South Carolina natives Bobby Houck and Hank Futch, who have played together in one incarnation or another for almost 20 years, but it wasn’t until the release of their debut self-titled album in 1996 that the band committed to making music full-time.
  Live Music can be found all over our historic Charleston, South Carolina town.  Bar hop before and after the show  and help support Charleston South Carolina's local live music scene.

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