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Sorry, this Charleston Event is no longer active.

Charleston Cup Steeplechase
November 12, 2006

  Oh yes...another reason to party in Charleston, South Carolina.  We love to find reasons and this Charleston, SC event is a tailgaters haven.  Join 10,000 spectators watch (if you make it there) this National Steeplechase Association horserace.

  Tailgaters deck their own section out with themed tents and areas.  There will be plenty of food and drink to go around but pack a cooler and do it the right way.  This cooler should hold multiple cases/bottles of your favorite alcoholic beverages, some already prepared food...unless you bring a grill with you then the "sky is the limit" as far as food is concerned, and don't forget to pack the ice as well.

If this is not a huge Charleston, SC event for you, a blanket or some beach chairs should be efficient enough to sit on.  Bring your rain gear just incase...in years past it has been a swampy mess due to inclement weather.
  Venture out before and after the Charleston Cup  and visit some of
Charleston areas best bars and restaurants, located just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

more info:

Directions to Stono Ferry Plantation

National Steeplechase Association website

Charleston Cup Steeplechase
Stono Ferry Plantation
Hollywood, SC 29449
(843) 766-6208