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Charleston Maritime Center
Pirate Festival
Sun, August 10, 20

The 2014 Charleston Priate festival is a family friendly Charleston, SC event  2014 Charleston Pirate Festival, at The Charleston Maritime Center, in lovely downtown Charleston, SC, has events for the entire family to enjoy! And, it's especially geared for kids!  The scene and backdrop for this Charleston annual event is the Charleston Harbor, just on the outskirts of the downtown Charleston Peninsula.

Historical artifacts at the 2014 Charleston Pirate Festival  The Charleston Pirate Festival at the Maritime Center will showcase historical Charleston's rich Pirate history, complete with historical facts and artifacts.  Also, there is story telling, singing and songs, and pirate painting.

  Here is a quick rundown of the 2014 Charleston Pirate Festivals event lineup, set on Sunday, August 11, 2014. 

List of events at 2014 Charleston, SC Pirate FestivalFirst, from 11AM - 3PM, is; "Meet The Pirate", "Making Of A  Pirate", and "Paint A Pirate".  At 12PM, it's the "Pirate & Parrots" event.  At 12:30, it's the "Colonial Songs & Sea Shanties" event. At 1PM enjoy "Pirate Story Telling".  At 2PM, one can enjoy "Piracy In The Modern Age".  The 2014 with a "Musket Demo".  For more details on each event during the Pirate Festival, check out Charleston Pirate Festival events webpage.

2014 Charleston Pirate Festival Info:
Charleston Maritime Center
10 Wharfside Street
Charleston, SC 29401

2014 Charleston Pirate Festival Charleston
At The Charleston Maritime Canter