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2007 Five Star Iris Charleston Tour
January 3-5, 2007

Five Star Iris

  Atlanta based band, Five Star Iris, is ready to "rock" the Charleston, South Carolina area.  Five Star Iris will host 3 acoustic shows and 1 electric show.  The electric show will be held Center Stage at the Plex January 3rd, 2007 at 8pm in Charleston, on Aviation Avenue.  Low Country Live will have Five Star Iris jamming the studio live during the 9:00 am broadcast...also on January 3rd, 2007.  Last of all, Johnson's Pub on Cumberland Street, will showcase Five Star Iris playing live on January 4th and 5th, 2007 at 11:45 pm.  These bars and nightlife venues will have minimal cover charges ranging from $5-$25.

  Five Star Iris's and their expressive rock tunes, have toured with bands like Hinder, Fuel, Collective Soul and Switchfoot.  Their new self-titled album was produced by award-winning producers Sylvia Massy Shivy and Rich Veltrop.  Shivy also produced music for Johnny Cash and Tool, and Veltrop has produced music for Tom Petty.

  Before and after these "soulful" rock shows, enjoy for dinner and cocktails at some of the bars and restaurants  in the Charleston area and North Charleston area

2007 Five Star Iris Charleston Tour
Five Star Iris
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