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Downtown Charleston Food and Wine Festival sponsored by BB&T

2014 Food and Wine Festival Charleston , SC.

Charleston Food & Wine Festival
Thurs, March 6 - Sun, March 9

Food and Wine Festival Charleston, SC is an annual Charleston event  Now, 7 years after its debut in Charleston, SC, the "Charleston Food and Wine Festival", 2014, is back for another culinary  weekend full of education, sweets, bubbles, and overall indulgence! 

  The New York Times quoted this gastronomic event as "a new capital for regional cuisine."  The Charleston Food and Wine Festival takes place throughout the peninsula of downtown Charleston, SC Thursday, March 6 - Sunday, March 9.

  The "The Charleston Food and Wine Festival ", has stepped it up for 2014 with some big name guest chefs in the culinary world, along with Charleston's own local celebrity chefs.  Blend some local flavor with a little big wig and anxiously see what ya' get. 

  Wow!  Besides all of the guest and local chefs, there is a action packed event schedule lined up for this years "Charleston Food and Wine Festival"!  From Ben Arnolds "Salute To Charleston Chefs" opening party to The "Culinary Village" in Marion Square Park! 

  If vino is more your forte', join other wine enthusiasts in celebrating everything from the grape to the glass!  Sample different areas and grape varietals to expand your wine knowledge portfolio.  Local restaurant wine pros as well as big names vineyards will offer you their expertise and knowledge.  Drink up!
 Meet, greet and soak up as much wine and food as you can handle brought to you by the real experts at the 2014 Charleston Food and Wine Festival. The Charleston Food and Wine Festival will again be a smash hit. Cheers and good eats.

  The 2014 BB&T Food and Wine Festival in
Charleston is a non-profit event.  They were organized to educate
individuals and the public about the history and preservation of southern lowcountry cuisine... located right here under our noses in Charleston, South Carolina. 

  They did a great job 7 years ago with the premier of the "Charleston Food and Wine Festival
" and it only gets more renowned by the year.  Foodies and winos, get your taste buds and palates ready for this years "Culinary Spread"!

  To check out Charleston's restaurants in bars, before you arrive or visit, here are a few we would highly recommend!

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Schedule and Food & Wine Festival event tickets
Charleston Food and Wine Festival on Facebook
Culinary Village in Marion Square

P.O. Box 228233
Charleston, SC 29413
66 Columbus Street
Charleston, SC 29403

2014 Charleston Food and Wine Festival