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 Folly Beach Salsa Under The Stars
At The Folly Beach Pier 2009
Fri. October 9, 2009
7-11 pm

2009 Salsa Under The Stars at Folly Beach, SC  Join in the festivities with a little Salsa at The Folly Beach Pier, "Salsa Under The Stars".  This Folly Beach event is located at the end of Folly Road right next to the Holiday Inn.  Just follow the pier until it ends and where the salsa music begins.

  DJ Luigi will light up the scene with the best salsa and latest Latin tunes.
Alcoholic beverages will be available on site.  What goes better with salsa than a Corona or a margarita.  The view doesn't hurt the scene either. 

  If you get a little hungry from all that salsa dancing, stop at Locklear's Beach City Grill and the Gangplank Gift and Tackle Shop located at the foot of the pier.

  Prior to and post Folly Beach "Salsa Under The Stars", visit Charleston, South Carolina's world renowned restaurants and bars and plenty of fine dining restaurants.

Regular Tickets - $10
Charleston County resident discount - $8  (advance purchase)
At the gate, if available - $10

More information:
Folly Beach Pier

Utube Video - This Past May's "Salsa Under The Stars"

Folly Beach Salsa Under The Stars
At The Folly Beach Pier 2009
Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier
101 East Arctic Avenue
Folly Beach,
SC 29439

The 2008 Salsa Under The Stars is held at the end of the Folly Beach Pier.