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3rd Annual Wine Under the Oaks
December 3, 2006
(This Mt Pleasant event was rescheduled for Dec 10th, 2006)

Q104.5 and McDaniel's Acura and Audi of Charleston are holding their annual "Wine Under the Oaks" culinary festival.  $20 gets you on the Boone Hall Plantation grounds.  Always well groomed, might I add.  Once you have entered this event, wander around and enjoy the festivities.

  Picture this setting.  Bone Hall Plantation, a sunny Sunday afternoon, giant Oaks, Christmas cheer, live music and plenty of fine wine and food...this equals an inclusive afternoon in my eyes
.  These fine culinary delights will be prepared by some of Charleston's most distinguished chefs.   Anticipate them to wow your taste buds.  Wash these low country eats down with the "just what the doctor ordered" wine paring.

  Boone Hall Plantation has hosted many big shebangs including the "3rd Annual Wine Under the Oaks" in Mt Pleasant, SC.  It is located just off of Highway 17 on Long Point Road. 1235 Long Point Road is the direct address.

  Go bar and restaurant hopping in Mt. Pleasant
after the "3rd Annual Wine Under the Oaks".  Mount Pleasant bars and restaurants are just a stones throw away from this event.  Carry on the celebration elsewhere to enjoy Mt. Pleasant's nightlife.

more info:

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3rd Annual Wine Under the Oaks
December 3, 2006
Boone Hall Plantation
1235 Long Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Kristyn Schebil
Director of Marketing & Events