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James Island, SC

   James Island, a suburb of Charleston, SC is the inter-median between Folly Beach and downtown Charleston, SC.  Folly Road on James Island offers diverse options for all of your dining and nightlife needs.  Steakhouses, local pubs, Thai restaurants, Tapas restaurants, and more can be found on this stretch of the Island.  Local bars and restaurants on James Island offer that friendly atmosphere feel with good low country food and a great spot to watch that "big game".

Restaurants & Bars in James Island, SC

James Island Bars and Restaurants
Athens Restaurant
1939 Maybank Highway
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 762-1229
Greek, pizza, delivery

Baguette Magic
792A Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 471-5941

Bohemian Bull
1531 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
burgers, beer garden

Castaway Grille

1291 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-4544
island feel, sports, patio

Charleston Crab House
145 Wappoo Creek Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-1963
seafood, bar, family

Cibo's Bistro & Pizzeria
608 Harbor View Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 762-2003
pizza, delivery

Cory's Grilled Cheese
1739 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 641-7377
grilled cheese, breakfast

778 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 225-2522
live music, economical

Island Grill & Sports Bar
815 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-0903
IBG, bar food, live music

Jack's Cosmic Dogs
1531 Folly Rd,
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 225-1817

Jams Buffalo Cafe (JI)
792 Folly Rd
Charleston, SC 29412-3476
(843) 793-4480

Max and Henry's
1175 Folly Rd
Charleston, SC, 29412
(843) 225-4030
Dave & Buster-ish

Mondo's Delite
915 Folly Rd, Ste U
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-8400
Italian, neighborhood

J Paulz
1739 Maybank Highway
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-6995

La Hacienda
808 Folly Rd.
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 406-4919
Mexican, economical

La Tabella
79 Harbor View Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 718-0721
Italian, neighborhood

Low Down Oven & Bar
967 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-7569
bar & grille, outdoor seating

Lucky's Southern Grill
1271 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 641-7147

Stag Erin Pub
1006 Folly Rd.
James Island, SC 29412
(843) 795-1446
neighborhood pub

Sloppy Cow
102 Harborview Rd
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-5955
burgers, TV's, bar

Smoky Oak Taproom
1234 Camp Road
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 762-6268
BBQ, beer list, tvs

The Juice Joint
1291 Folly Rd,
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 795-8060
juice bar

White Duck Taco Shop
792 Folly Road
James Island, SC 29412
(843) 640-3008
innovative tacos, gluten free


  James Island, outside of Charleston, SC is now prime time real estate because of its diverse culture and convenience to the beach and downtown Charleston, SC.  If one searches they can seek out fine dining restaurants tucked away in shopping centers, casual dining steakhouses, and a few bars on James Island to "blow the froth off a couple".

  Dining on James Island provides plenty of eclectic options because there is literally something for everyone.  You can have hot sake and enjoy a wide variety of delicious tapas.  If you're on a tight budget, the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant offer great food and drink at exceptionally low prices.  You can choose from several lunch combos for around $5 and a huge frosted mug of draft Dos Equis is less than $4.  The Daily Dose cafe, just off of Folly Road, looks like it would be a comfortable fit in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show.  They offer an interesting array of organic and healthful vegetarian dishes in a laid-back hippie atmosphere.

  Also, watch for the expansion of restaurants, bars, and nightlife on Maybank Highway's already expanding stretch, which connects Kiawah and Seabrook Islands to Charleston, SC.

  Casual dining options line Folly Road.  Whether one is coming home from work, on their way to the beach or just feeding that craving, there are plenty of choices.

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